Superb Two Refreshing Options Glass Mug with Filter #69551021

Start the day with delicious coffee. Later, a cool fruit infusion drink will quench your thirst. Perhaps you'll want warm, flavorful tea in the afternoon. It's a superb plan, possible with one SUPERB cup. The ALL-OCCASION glass cup with the wide silicone grip is made for both hot and cold beverages. Whatever your choice, the SUPERB lid has a SafeLOK feature that keeps the lid secure until you're ready to drink. Just slide the lock to open, exposing the comfortable drinking spout. Carry the cup in your bag, or use the foldable handle. SUPERB COFFEE • Hot coffee and cool, simple drinks. SUPERB TEA MASTER • A stainless-steel filter basket holds your favorite tea flavors for warm and relaxing refreshment.


  • ALL-OCCASION cup with SUPERB lid.
  • Two drinking options: COFFEE, TEA MASTER.
  • SafeLOK keeps the lid locked until you're ready to drink.
  • Convenient, integrated foldable handle.
  • Available in two sizes and complementary colors.

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