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    01. Collect Sample Information

    We have received a sample request from a new customer, he needs 1 pcs bottles with color painting and logo.

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    02. Make A Rendering Image

    Then we will let our design team to design the sample with color and logo for customer checking.

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    03. Charge For Samples & Making

    When we received the sample fee we will communicate with our own factory about the details.

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    04. Check The Production

    When we received the sample from our factory, We will check the appearance of the sample and whether the paint is defective. After check all samples and there is no problem with customer request.we will take sample photos packing the sample and put a sample list on the ourter of carton. Then Make an appointment with the international express company for pick-up. After sending the sample, we will send an email to customer, which including the tracking number and the sample photo.

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