• Component Kitting
    Component Kitting
    Dec. 18, 2019
    works with reputable distributors for the consistent provision of high quality components with Certificates of Conformance (COC) in the .
  • Matrix PCB Fabrication
    Matrix PCB Fabrication
    Dec. 18, 2019
    Type of PCB - FR4, High-Tg FR4, Halogen-Free, High Temp PCB, Aluminium PCB, PI, Telfon, Hybrid Laminates - Roger, Nelco, Arlon, Isola, .
  • PCB Layout Design
    PCB Layout Design
    Dec. 18, 2019
    Wizlogix Pte Ltd hires the best for your benefit. Post a rigorous selection process, our design engineers are trained via 3 to 6 month